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Be Dangerous But Disciplined

Be Dangerous But Disciplined

I have a saying:
“People who are untrained are dangerous to themselves and others. People who are trained are just plain dangerous.”
Richard Roper (me)
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It takes a bit of thinking about and it is only supposed to be applied in a martial arts context but I think this video does a very good job of hitting on the point of the saying.

This is an interview with Jordan Peterson. He is very well known for his book “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos” []. He is also well known for his controversial stand on free speech in Canada which is irrelevant to this article. However, he is also a very highly regarded and knowledgeable Psychologist so I was interested when I heard this interview (below).

It is very important that what he says is not taken out of context so I urge you to watch the whole interview rather than just take to heart my quotes from it.

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The highlights for me are when he says:
“you don't make men safe by making them weak in fact you they're much more dangerous when they're weak because they'll stab in the back when they get the chance or take advantage of you when you when they get the chance you make men safe let's say by making them strong and then by making sure that they're disciplined …”

“...I think like it's the men that have the most what would you call it, it's not aggressive exactly but we'll leave it at that aggressive and fearless, temperaments that can be the best men but it's like having a very powerful dog you better civil you better discipline because otherwise it's gonna be a monster ...”

“ you also see two in the classic hero stories I mean you see this with Harry Potter for example, which I'm making reference to because it was such a phenomenon.

I mean when something makes welfare mother richer than the Queen of England you shouldn't take note right and when kids are reading five hundred page books and standing in line waiting for the next one and when you produce a whole movie Empire around something, you should take note of that.

Well Harry Potter's little team aren't the delinquents who have no discipline but they're also not the good kids. They're the kids who will break rules when necessary and that's the issue break rules when necessary now the question is win is that necessary well that's sort of the ultimate ultimate ethical choice...”

Again I urge you to watch the whole interview. I think that it is something that many Martial Artist would relate to and maybe help them to understand themselves a little better.

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