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How To Deal With Dangerous People from Jordan Peterson

How To Deal With Dangerous People. Life-Saving Advice from Jordan Peterson

You never lie to a strange person that's the thing especially if they're paranoid you never lie to someone who's paranoid it will come back to bite you and if you're in an extreme situation with someone who's very unpredictable the only thing you have that works is the truth that works.

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This is one of the extremely interesting things that Jordan Peterson says in his video “How To Deal With Dangerous People | Life-Saving Advice from Jordan Peterson”

As someone who started Judo because I was being picked on at school, I have always had an interest in self-defence. It's only natural after all. In that mode, I remember reading a book called “Forgiving Dead Man Walking”. This lady was kidnapped by a mad man who was later executed for his crimes of murder, I think it was 8 women.

This lady was the only one to have survived being kidnapped by this man and his partner. I bought the book because I was fascinated to understand why she was the only one to have survived.

Understand she had not been turned like maybe The most infamous example of Stockholm syndrome that involving kidnapped newspaper heiress Patricia Hearst. Debbie Morris the author of the book, survived multiple rapes and still managed to keep her sanity.

Frustratingly, based on all that I had learned about self-defence, I was none the wiser about how she managed to do what she did.

That is until I came across this video from Jordan Peterson.

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Debbie Morris unconsciously followed every piece of advice Mr Peterson gave.

I have to say it is a great relief to find that there is some logic to even the most twisted of minds and that it is possible, God willing to deal with them.

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