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BULLET PROOF BODY FOR JUDO - Essential Injury Prevention Routine

BulletProof Body For Judo - Essential Injury Prevention Routine

Here's a routine that we think everyone could use to give you a bulletproof body for Judo with an essential injury prevention routine. At the very least you could reduce your risk of pain and injury you can do this at home with no equipment so give it a try and best protect yourself from injury and keep yourself on the mat.

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We know that not everyone (Well maybe not everyone ;) ) that does Judo also goes to the gym or does additional strength training. A lot would argue that technique comes first and that's fine but it's a tough sport on the body.

This video covers the following:

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  • A split squat

     which is going to be working the muscles around your hips and your knees.

  • A single leg RDL

    (Romanian deadlift is a traditional barbell lift used to develop the strength of the posterior chain muscles): This exercise is going to be mainly targeting your hamstrings but it's also going to test your balance and the muscles around your ankle as well.

  • A single leg bridge

     again it's going to be targeting our hamstrings as well as our glutes.

  • Three lower limb exercises

  • Upper limb

     shoulder press to protect your shoulder.

  • Lower back

     A common complaint of many people is lower back pain so for this we want to try and strengthen our lower back as much as possible.

  • Your core

     Finally, we've got some exercises that are going to target your core.

Lower back strengthening is quite pointless unless you also work on your stomach muscles. Stomach muscles will give more back support than strong back muscles ever can.

That does not mean you should not do lower back exercises but just that they are only doing a small part of the job if that is all you are doing.

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