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Potato Sack Throw? Could It be used in Judo Competition?

Here is a fun version of what I can only describe as a potato-sack throw. I say version as the traditional one goes right over the head whereas this one goes off to the side.

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I have never seen it executed in competition so I have no idea if it works in that environment but I have seen potato-sack type throws used outside of Judo competition used quite effectively.

As a junior, I often thought of using something similar in competition but I did not know if it was legal. It turns out there is no rule that I know of against it so certainly back then I could have used it.

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So what is my purpose in publishing this throw?

Well to be perfectly honest it looked like fun!

Feel free to give the trow a name in the comments below if you think you have a better name. I monitor all comments and will publish all the legitimate comments.

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