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Close Contact Throw Needs A Name: Ko Soto Gari, Ko Soto Gake?

This Close Contact Grappling Throw Needs A Name: Ko Soto Gari, Ko Soto Gake?

Honestly, my first thought was this close contact grappling throw was just a variation of Ko Soto Gari but then I realised that the Kazushi was not the same and we all know that the kuzushi (balance breaking) is what determines the name of the throw. This throw seems to use Tori's body to break the balance.

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My next thought was Ko Soto Gake. This at least has a similar Kuzushi. However, I found in practice that unlike Ko Soto Gake it is not necessary for Tori to use his body in the same way with this throw. Tori's body needs only be used as a block to Uke. Thus it need only be part of the Tskuri (set up) and not be critical to the Kuzushi.

The question then becomes is the hooking of the leg part of the Kuzushi or part of the Gake as in Ko Soto Gake and Ko Soto Gari?

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The reality is that you can generate a good Kuzushi for this throw using both your arms as in Ko Soto Gari or with your body as in Ko Soto Gake.

The question now becomes is this a hybrid throw that can be considered a variation of either Ko Soto Gake or Ko Soto Gari?

I don't have an answer but I think it is an intriguing throw that could be very useful for close contact grappling.

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