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Ko-Uchi-Gari to O-Uchi-Gari Judo Throw Combination Technique!

Ko-Uchi-Gari to O-Uchi-Gari Judo Throw Combination Technique!

I love the Ko-Uchi-Gari to O-Uchi-Gari Judo Throw Combination Technique. My personal preference is to practice O-Uchi-Gari to Ko-Uchi-Gari but either way around is good.

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The Reason

The reason I prefer the O-Uchi-Gari to Ko-Uchi-Gari is that my experience is there are more genuine openings in a competition that way.

I say genuine because players tend to practice this combination as though they are expecting to miss Ko-Uchi-Gari. So effectively they do it as a setup for O-Uchi-Gari.

The Problem

The problem with this is that if this is the intention Uke has a tendency to detect it and not open themselves up for O-Uchi-Gari. That is instead of stepping back Uke just lifts their foot up and over and places it back in exactly the same position they started. Thus the combination is defeated.

In contrast, Judoka tend to commit themselves to O-Uchi-Gari with the expectation that they may get it and if they don't they can follow it with Ko-Uchi-Gari.

A good combination should be second nature. That is it should be practised over and over again until it becomes natural.

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Every Element Of It Should Be Totally Committed To

Every element of it should be totally committed to. This requires a good Uke that knows exactly what is going on. Lifting their leg at precisely the correct timing so that Tori can do each part as though each part will be successful. Totally committing to the move.

Keep in mind that you do not have to stop at O-Uchi-Gari to Ko-Uchi-Gari or the other way around. You can do O-Uchi-Gari to Ko-Uchi-Gari to O-Uchi-Gari and if you Uke is off-balance enough just keep going until you get them.

Anyway, the video is quite a nice demonstration of a basic version of this combination. As always this instructor talks too much. But I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that this is normal for Judo instructors. According to my students, even this one.

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