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Benefits of Stretching A Shift From High-Intensity Workouts

Benefits of Stretching A Shift From High-Intensity Workouts

A lot of people like stretching as a periphery. Something like they do their workouts or office job or whatever where they stretch if they have a couple extra minutes but it's not a priority. That's changing as discusses in the video below.

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Stretching as A Periphery

Unfortunately for a long time, stretching was that thing that people do if they've got time at the end of their workout. For a long time, people have been focused on the hardcore no pain no gain mentality. Always pushing to the limits, always trying to pump more or lift heavier weights; run further and faster; do the next high-intensity interval training (HIIT) session. It was all about doing more. Trying to fit in more to your workout.

Rethinking Fitness

People now are rethinking fitness, looking at what they are doing now. Maybe it's their favourite sport or they just want to keep active and healthy. They are starting to think long term. They want to bend and turn and twist and move and reach. There is a recognition that flexibility is a really important part of living and keeping active into your older years. The shift is towards recovery and rehab and longevity.

Recently there's has been quite an explosion in stretching services being offered. Stand-alone services. Personal trainers and sports coaches etc. assessing weaknesses, laying on the floor for an hour with their client and going through a whole range of different stretches with them.

What are the top reasons people need to stretch their bodies?

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For Most People

Some of the most obvious benefits are increased flexibility and range of motion which just means that you can move around a lot easier you can get in and out of the car a lot easier you can go up and down stairs. You can get up from being seated for a while a lot easier.

All this leads to things like a reduction in aches and pains and stiff tight muscles. A lot of us are living a fairly sedentary sort of life. We spend a lot of time sitting and in those positions, our muscles and joints just tighten up and constrict over time. Having some sort of regular flexibility program is able to help. You can reduce those tight spots that we normally experience just from our day-to-day activities.

For Athletes

That's just the start of it. For athletes, you're looking at things like long-term stretching which has been shown to improve sporting performance and reduce multitudinous injuries.

It doesn't necessarily reduce all sports injuries. For a sprained ankle, for instance, it doesn't really matter how much stretching you're going to do if you fall in a hole or ditch. No stretching is really going to help that. But as far as muscular tenderness injuries, things like strains muscle, strains and pulls and those sort of things, long-term stretching has been proven to help reduce those sort of injuries.

Stretching helps with recovery, reducing stiffness and tightness that you may get from a tough workout. If you incorporate stretching as part of your cool down and in an ongoing recovery process it will help to reduce that stiffness and soreness.

Aware of where your body and your limbs are can improve coordination. It promotes circulation, increases energy and it helps improve relaxation and stress relief.

Posture, Body Awareness, Coordination, Relaxation and Stress Relief

It also helps improve posture and improve your body awareness. Just being aware of where your body and your limbs are can improve coordination. It promotes circulation, increases energy and it helps improve relaxation and stress relief. So we all need a bit of that these days.

All in All

All in all, stretching is very useful whether you are just the average person or an elite athlete and anything that helps to reduce that stress is a great thing

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