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Osoto Gari: How To Improve Yours By Neil Adams 9th Dan

How To Improve Your Osoto Gari

Osoto Gari is often one of the first things you learn in judo, which is not surprising as it is very powerful and often used techniques.

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It is used at all levels, from novices all the way to the highest levels of the sport. However, it is often used improperly, without fully utilizing its potential. Where people miss on its power is that it is more about change of direction and adjustment of balance, rather than just a throw. As with most throws, a good coordination between feet, hand and body is critical for the success of this popular judo move.

Key Takeaways:

  • Osoto Gari is a outer reaping throw that is used in Judo and is a move that is commonly used incorrectly.
  • With all throws in Judo you need your hands, feet, body and head all working together as one unit.
  • When you are implementing this move in a competition, it's important to realize that a right to left situation will always require more space to fill.

"However, I think that the important thing that we need to point out is that it's not just about major outer reaping, it's about a change of direction, change of balance and readjustment of balance."

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