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Osoto Gari: How To Improve Yours By Neil Adams MBE (9TH DAN)

Enhancing Your Osoto Gari

Osoto Gari, a powerful Judo throw, can be improved with the guidance of the esteemed Neil Adams MBE. In this video tutorial, Neil breaks down the essential aspects of perfecting your Osoto Gari, from Uchi Komi to hand positioning and balance.

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Balancing Act

Neil Adams emphasizes the critical role of balance in executing a successful Osoto Gari. Overcommitting or overstepping can throw you off balance. To prevent this, focus on maintaining a balanced stance throughout the technique.

Precision in Hand Positioning

One key element is hand positioning. Neil advises controlling your opponent's posture by manipulating their sleeve hand and the lapel hand. The sleeve hand should pull downwards towards the midsection, ensuring you have the leverage needed to execute the throw.

Weight Transfer

To make your Osoto Gari more powerful, focus on transferring your opponent's weight over the leg you intend to sweep. This shift in weight ensures that your throw will have the desired impact.

The Right Direction

Neil Adams highlights the importance of footwork and direction. Your support leg should not overstep or cross the line, maintaining balance as you initiate the throw. The goal is to transfer your opponent's weight over the targeted leg.

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Practice Makes Perfect

The key to mastering Osoto Gari is practice. Neil suggests breaking down the technique into manageable steps, emphasizing repetition. Start with Uchikomi, performing sets of five repetitions. Focus on hand positioning, balance, and weight transfer, ensuring your movements are precise.

Focus on Weight Transfer

By consistently working on the transfer of your opponent's weight and fine-tuning your hand positioning, you'll be better equipped to execute Osoto Gari effectively. Take your time in practice, refining your technique for a more powerful throw.

Neil Adams MBE's insights and guidance offer valuable lessons for those looking to improve their Osoto Gari. By prioritizing balance, hand positioning, weight transfer, and direction, you can elevate your Judo skills and execute this throw with precision and power. Practice diligently, and you'll soon see significant progress in your Osoto Gari technique.

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