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RyoteDori from Kodokan Goshin Jutsu

Exploring the First Technique in Kodokan Goshin Jutsu: Ryote Dori

Kodokan Goshin Jutsu, the self-defence art of Judo, offers a range of techniques designed to protect oneself in various situations. Ryote Dori, or the "Two Hand Grab," is one of the fundamental techniques in this system. Here, I'll give a brief introduction to the video below, on Ryote Dori and its key elements as demonstrated by Steve Cunningham, with Fred Spaeth as the uke, or the attacker.

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The Basics of Ryote Dori

Ryote Dori focuses on defending against an attacker who grabs you with both hands. The defence involves a combination of striking and wrist-locking techniques, particularly the Kote Hinieri [] or Wrist Twist, also known as Nikyo in Aikido [].

  • Initial Arm Strength
  • To begin the defence, it's essential to strengthen your arm by pushing your elbow through. This movement sets the stage for what follows.

  • Drawing Through
  • Draw your arm through, making sure the fourth finger and thumb slide up towards your ear. This movement lays the foundation for your defence.

  • Secure the Grip
  • As you execute the previous steps, reach back to grab the attacker's hand, making sure to catch the thumb partway. Your middle finger should be positioned just below the knuckle of the thumb.

The Two Ways to Finish

There are two variations for finishing the Ryote Dori defence.

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  • Elbow Control
  • The first method involves bringing your arm up to your collarbone and pulling down on the attacker's elbow. This technique aims to rotate the attacker's wrist for a wrist lock. It's crucial to control the elbow to prevent excess movement in the shoulder, ensuring a secure wrist lock.

  • Immobilizing the Elbow
  • The second method requires slipping underneath the attacker's arm, rotating the elbow over, and stepping out. You can grab the wrist or catch the elbow to create a wrist lock. To make this technique effective, it's essential to prevent the attacker's elbow from moving, which can be achieved by slightly bending their elbow and using your fingers to immobilize it.

The Twist

This variation demonstrates the same principles by maintaining control over the attacker's elbow. By laying the attacker's elbow under your armpit, you ensure the wrist lock is secure. This method keeps the elbow from moving, allowing for a precise wrist lock.

Ryote Dori, the first technique in Kodokan Goshin Jutsu, provides a solid foundation for self-defence against a two-handed grab. By understanding the intricacies of wrist locks and elbow control, one can effectively immobilize an attacker and protect themselves. This technique exemplifies the practical and versatile nature of Judo's self-defence techniques, making it a valuable skill for personal safety.

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