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Kata Guruma Grabbing The Belt or Better

Kata Guruma Grabbing The Belt or Better

It has of course always been possible to do Kata Guruma without grabbing the leg like you do in the Nage No Kata. It's basically, however, a one-handed throw. Also, most competition versions involve dropping down low or on your knees. But what if you were to combine both. That is what happens here in this video called "Kata Guruma Grabbing The Belt". I have added the "or Better because there are problems with this version that, although I have never tried it, should work and I would think work better as they overcome the limitations of grabbing the belt.

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The limitation of grabbing the belt is of course, that at the time of writing, you will cope a penalty if you hold on to it too long. More than 5 seconds (approximately, depending on how fast the referee counts). That is not a problem if you are confident of a quick set up but a quick set up is not always possible.

Easy Enough To Fix

It is however easy enough to fix this by simply grabbing the lapel just below the belt, making sure it is not on the same side as your other hand, and executing the throw with the different grip in exactly the same way as in the video.

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The question then becomes, "why would you do this version of Kata Gurumma over say drop Seionage?"

The answer is the same as it would be for any other Judo throw: "because that Kata Gurumma set up was available and drop Seionage was not.

Most of all, however, this throw looks like it would be fun to practice. After all, that is more important than anything, isn't it!

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