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Judo Competition Nutrition: Fighting Inflammation & The Table

Judo Competition Nutrition and Fighting Inflammation

When dealing with inflammation which we all are confronted with throughout life, there have been several options to treat this. One of those happens to be what you eat. For Judo competition nutrition as with all sport, our diet plays a significant role in how our body deals with invasions such as what occurs during inflammation.

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There are several inflammation reducing foods and as you probably already know, all of them are in their natural form. No processed or sugary foods if you are looking for chronic inflammation relief. Vegetables, nuts and fruits all play a huge role in fighting disease and reducing inflammation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Some of the bacteria that live in our digestive tracts can foster unhealthy levels of long-term inflammation.
  • Evidence suggests that some food additives used in processed foods can promote inflammation.
  • Unprocessed nuts, seeds, fruit and vegetables tend to help fight chronic inflammation.

"A healthy diet goes a long way in keeping inflammation—a process that underlies most serious diseases—at bay."

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