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Kuzushi Judo: The Relationship To Tsukuri & Kake?

The Importance Of Kuzushi in Judo, Tsukuri & Kake

I found this article about Kuzushi Judo, Tsukuri, Kake - breaking balance, setup and finish. It gives a good explanation of what all three are and what they do.

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These three things are important in your judo and not knowing what they are can really work against you. But more importantly than the fact that most students don't know what these terms are and how they have anything to do with their Judo, is that they don't know how they relate to each other.

Whilst the article does give a good explanation it doesn't tell you that the order that they are listed in is not always the order that they are performed in.

It Is Not Unusual To Have To Setup First

It is not unusual to have to set up (Tsukuri) the throw before you can do the breaking of the balance (Kuzushi) and sometimes the Tsukuri and Kuzushi are indistinguishable from each other. This is because sometimes the Kuzushi is the Tsukuri and visa Versa.

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The Kake is never a problem of course because it is always the end. Or is it?

Well of course it is but just to show you that there can be confusion even with the finishing of the throw the article implies that the finishing and the Kake are different. If this were true there would be a separate term for this but there is not. However people sometimes, quite rightly like to make a point of how people land.

Don't get me wrong I'm not suggesting that Kake and the landing are different but I think that it is often worth making a point of the way people land because it can show if the throw has been executed correctly. Kata Guruma is perfect for this. If you are throwing over the right shoulder and Uke does a right-hand breakfall you have done it wrong.

So you need to take the time to understand the sequence of your throw. I promise you it will improve your Judo.

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