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Feeling Safe: That Uh Oh Feeling & How To Use It

When You Are Not Feeling Safe

You know the feeling, you walk into somewhere and something just doesn't feel right. It's not like something is off or out of place. This is different! This is an experience of not feeling safe (you will have to do a free sign up to read it).

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There are thousands of people, all over the world that have experienced this and yet most people would not do anything about it.

I'm sure you have talked to someone and had them say after some disaster has happened to them "I just knew something was not right" or "I had a bad feeling". And that is the problem. Most people do not act on those feelings.

Most people just assume those feelings are faulty until something happens to confirm that they were correct and then it is usually too late.

There are a minority of people however that take the time to get in touch with those "Uh Oh" feelings. These are the people that you talk to, that everybody is amazed at because they narrowly avoided some catastrophe. Instead of ignoring those feelings, these people have acted on them.

Could they have been wrong?

Yes of course they could have been wrong but in his book "The Gift of Fear" Gavin de Becker shows that there is very often a genuinely good reason for these feeling and in most instance, given that you rarely have to do anything dramatic to obey the feeling it is worth being wrong once or twice.

I tell all my Judo students that "you can't always be safe but you can always feel safe and if you are not feeling safe then it is your job to find a way to feel safe". That Uh Oh feeling is potentially your key to avoiding danger.

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So what should you do if you are suddenly not feeling safe?

Yes, you find a way to feel safe but what does that mean?

Well, it can mean a lot of different things. It may mean moving to a different location or someplace where there are lots of people. It may mean that you go and hide or just simply avoid the situation that is causing you concern. In the Newport Judo Self Defense system as well as in the article link in the first paragraph, I give a whole range of things that you can do. As well as how to get in touch with those feelings but to some degree, it is not as important what you do, as that you do it.

Of course, the best action is the one that suits the situation but some action is better than none. It is important that you do something.

Some Have Called This A Sixth Sense

Some have called this a sixth sense but it has some very real physical basis. It means that your mind has noticed something that you have not consciously acknowledge.

Maybe it's a breeze on a curtain that you didn't consciously notice but you know that you locked the window or something similar. It should not be dismissed because it is talked about as a sixth sense.

Feeling Safe is The Thing That Gives Us The Confidence To Face Life.

If we don't feel safe we don't go out our front door or worse don't get out of bed. It's vital that you never ignore that Uh Oh feeling because it is not just a feeling it is your unconscious telling you that something is wrong.

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