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Renraku Waza: Yamashita Judo Combine O Uchi Gari / O Soto Gari

Smooth Yamashita Judo

Watching the smoothness of the transition between each throw of this combination there is little doubt of the expertise of Yamashita Judo. Not that there was ever any doubt of course. Still, it is a pleasure to watch.

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Note how there is one continuous movement in combining O Uchi Gari with O Soto Gari.

It is a common error of Judoka (Judo Students), particularly beginners to pause between each thrown. If you pause then it is no longer a combination but two distinct throws. But more importantly, it loses its value as a combination. Because the moment you pause, your opponent is allowed to regain their balance.

The whole function of a combination is to take advantage of any momentary instability that you hopefully have created when you tried your first throw.

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Pay Particular Attention

Pay particular attention to the placement of Yamashita's hand as he executes O Soto Gari. This is a tall man's throw but being shorter than your Uke should be no hindrance to doing this throw well. All you do is make yourself taller than your opponent by raising your hands up and over his shoulder as is done in the video.

O Soto Gari should not be a punch in the chest type throw. This is a common error of even some of the most experienced Judoka. Your hand should be as high above Uke's shoulder as you can make it. If you punch your uke in the chest instead you lose some of the most important leverage and you take the risk of him or her not being put off balance.

Notice also how high Yamashita lifts his leg to execute O Soto Gari. The height generates momentum that you want to take full advantage of.

The rest of the video has subtitles. You don't need any explanation from me.

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