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Child Safety: Putting Safety and Well-Being First

Don't Dismiss child Safety

One of the Slogans of Kid Power on child safety is: I WILL Put the Safety and Well-Being of Young People Ahead of Anyone’s Embarrassment, Inconvenience or Offense!

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The Video below is the Kid power protection promise. A Promise that I believe every Parent, Guardian, Teacher, Coach and a responsible adult should make to their kids.

Too many times things get swept under the carpet. Too many times, even today, we consider that children should be seen and not heard.

There has to be a point at which it stops.

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But only when adults stand up for kids; Only when kids can be heard; only when we refuse to dismiss the inconvenience and embarrassment of having to deal with uncomfortable situations, will the harm to our children stop.

Children need to know that they will be taken seriously.

Yes, they will tell tails. But if you don't close them down you can teach them the difference between "Telling" and "Telling Tails". You can teach them that you can be trusted with what they tell you.

If we make the commitment to them they will reciprocate.

Watch the video below and make the commitment. Don't give up on child safety, You will not regret it.

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