Obi Otoshi: Judo Throw For The Non Competition Minded

Obi Otoshi:For Demonstration Purposes Only

Who wants to do only competition throws. I guess if that's your only passion and all you live for then you do but for the rest of us there is a whole world of Judo to explore, even if it can only even be a demonstration throw. Obi Otoshi is one such throw.

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I can't conceive that anyone would want to try this in a competition. It was already a high risk move because you are grabbing the belt (Hence the name Obi Otoshi) and for as long as I can remember you were only ever allowed to do that for a very short period of time. Five seconds officially; though that depends entirely on how fast the referee can count. But you are not allowed to grab your opponents legs now either; at least not to initiate the throw and even after that it can depend a little on the interpretation of the rules that your particular competition organizers have. So as far as using this throw in competition (shiai) you'd be nuts to try it.

For that matter it's difficult to see how this could be useful as a self defense throw either. Most modern belts don't have the kind of give that Judo belts have and would be difficult to grab in a useful way. Still it is not impossible so therefore it is not inconceivable that it may be of use on the street one day.

No, I think that largely this is always going to be a demonstration type throw. As the video below says Obi Otoshi is mealy a variation of Sukui Nage which means that the individual name is also probably obsolete but it does clearly define that the throw involves grabbing the belt.

As a throw it's a bit awkward but that only adds to the fun of practicing it.

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