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Ippon Seio-nagi Variation: Very Interesting Judo Throw

Ippon Seio-nagi is A Dynamic Throw

You may not be able to understand a word that this teacher has to say and the video goes on way too long if you don't but I think that if you watch it closely you will figure out what Ippon Seio-nagi variation he is trying to show.

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Of course, it is a version of Seio-nagi and of course, it is a terminal version. You are going to have to throw yourself to pull this off but it is one way to resolve the problem of not being able to get a grip with your second hand.

The downside of all terminal throws is that you have to make it work or there is a very good chance that you could end up putting yourself in a losing situation yourself.

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Still, I think that this version has a lot going for it and as with all things if you practice carefully (in safety) and regularly the correct application becomes natural.

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