Self Defense Moves: Always a Weapon & Upwards Arm Block

Self Defense Moves: Weapons, Arm Blocks & Slapstick Are Not Dead

There is a point that I want to make about self defense moves and the "Enter the Dojo" (Below) just happens to help make that point really well. But I can't help it, I do still get a kick out of the Master Ken series of videos (pun fully intended).

The irony is that among all the stupidity there is a very real lesson to learn.

I had to learn the hard way that an arm block done the wrong way is not fun. When I was first learning how to do it I was taught the wrong way by an instructor.

A while later I was sparing with a Karate Student and I blocked his downward strike. Not only was the pain in my arm some thing to really make you feel alive but I got hit in the head. I was not a happy chap. So with all the humor in the video there is a serious element.

But also Just as Master Ken takes full advantage of his ever trusting (and I must say, very talented) stunt man- side kick, I am always telling my students that even with all your self defense moves, there is always a weapon.

That is, not only in Judo contest but in real life self defense don't assume that because you think you have defeated one move that there isn't another. The moment you think that you have taken care of all the surprises there will be another one coming. If you don't have a follow up move of your own on its way your going to get clobbered.

I have unfortunately had occasion to see the effects of someone not heeding this lesson first hand, with a person getting very badly hurt because they relaxed the moment they apprehended a thief. At that moment the thief produce a bottle.

As it is with life so it is with Judo. Always follow up a move with another then another and don't stop until you the referee says it's over.

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