Nutrition and Rapid Muscle Growth: Not Just For Judo

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We knew very little about nutrition when I was a competitor. In fact it is scary to think how little we did know about the science of athlete development.

That doesn't mean that we didn't care but it does mean that an athlete was more dependent on strategy and knowledge of Judo not to mention a good dose of natural ability, than we knew.

Understanding the correct use of crabs, fats, protein and vitamins intake was just negligible compared to now.

Now we know so much more and the interest in nutrition for competition is phenomenal.

But not all current information is good information so I have done some research and I have come up with this.

I am far from an expert on this subject (mind you I am not sure anybody is) so please make sure you consult with a qualified medical practitioner before you apply it but it seems to be pretty good.

Anyway all I'm asking for is your email address and it's yours to study and use what you can.

That it. No up-sell just good information as far as I can tell.

Click here , fill in your email and it's yours.

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