Life Hacks For Non Elite Judo Training

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Are you taking a break form training?
That should not be a guilt trip. There are plenty of legitimate reasons for taking a break.

Are you someone who enjoys judo but doesn't compete?
Again there is nothing wrong with that. There is plenty of things about Judo to make it attractive and don't include competition.

Don't let the competition players bully you into thinking otherwise. They love to use words like "Elite Player" to make you feel bad about not competing. Such players are often losing their own contests more often than they would like and they are just looking for fresh cannon fodder. Don't fall for it.

Maybe your past training hard and you are just looking for a way to keep fit between training sessions that doesn't involve hours in the gym.

There are lots of reasons why you might want to do things that fit in with you current lifestyle without involving hard training. You still want to keep up you fitness but for whatever legitimate reason, you need it to involve less time and effort. And you defiantly want it to be less vigorous that Elite training.

Have you heard of life hacks?
Life hacks are kind of a way of short cutting the system. Little "hacks" that mean you can get important things done in your life in convenient and effective ways.

Fitness sometimes needs some of those hacks. I've come across some good ones that I refer to in this article. Have a read and click on over to all 43 hacks from there.

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