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Judo On the Way Back Up in Popularity

Judo On the Way Back Up in Popularity

There is little doubt that at least in the countries like Australia, Canada and the USA Judo has shifted from its former glory when it was just about the only Martial Art in town. But now Judo is on the way back up in popularity.

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I have always maintained that worldwide Judo is one of the most popular sports in the world. In fact, I was on an email list years ago, where one of the participants; who clearly had way too much time on his hands, waded through all the public data he could get his hands on. The data was from public national club membership records and showed that out of all the sports he was able to get data from; all those whose members regularly made ambient claims of being #2 in the world, that Judo appeared to be #12 in the world. Not bad hay!

Possibly the most significant factor that Judo has had to confront has been that of public perception. Ever since that is, the advent of Bruce Lee and the Martial Art movie.

Perception wise, Judo has had a hard time recovering from the days when it was seen as the only real Asian Martial Art. Despite its numbers worldwide, Judo was seen as ineffective and irrelevant; none of which was ever true.

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Ironically the rise of MMA has had a dramatic effect on the perception of Judo. With a large number of MMA fighters cross-training in it, as they realize just how effective it is.

Now it would seem that there is another factor coming to improve that perception even further: The internet! YouTube in particular. But I'll let you read all about that via the link.

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