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Kata Forms: The Tango (The Actual Dance With Throws)

Freestyle Kata Forms

The endless variety of kata forms never ceases to amaze me.
Thanks to Peter Laczko for sending me this one.

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This combining of the very famous Tango with Judo is just as sexy as the ballroom version. However, I'm willing to bet, that there are few ballroom dancers that would be keen on performing this on the dance floor. But then Judo players do have an unusual definition of what is sexy.

After all, there is not too much of our society these days, that would see throwing women around as an acceptable method of wooing them. Still, there is no question that the women in this Kata give as good as they get.

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I would really like to see a whole new section of kata forms added to Kata competition. We could call it, "Freestyle Kata". I think that it would be fantastic to see just how far we could go in our creativity.

You may have to watch this in full screen because for some reason the heads are cut off on the Youtube page.

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