O Uchi Gari Backwards Motion Judo Throw

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Ouchi Gari one of my favorite Judo throws

This is one of the Judo techniques that I am likely to come back to again and again on this blog because it is one of my favorite throws.

The version below is the backward motion version of the throw. It is ideal for the situation where your Uke just will not react back after your pushing of them. You know the situation that I'm talking about: you push your opponent expecting the normal reaction of them pushing back but he or she will not do that. They are either wise to you, too tired to be bothered or their inexperience is temporarily working for them.

So what do you do? You use a backward motion throw. O Uchi Gari or Tani Otoshi are good ones.

There are some things to note about this video:
  • The sound is too soft to pick up much of what is being said. But you don't need it. The vision is clear and quite descriptive enough.
  • The position of the sweeping leg is low down. You will see this pointed out about 2:30 - 3 minutes into the video.
  • Your sweep must be followed with a strong push backward and downward and at least to some degree in the direction of the swept leg. If you don't all that happens is your partner stumbles.
  • You really do need to pay attention to the vision where he demonstrates the positioning of your arms.
O Uchi Gari is such a flexible throw. You can do it backwards as it is here but you can also do it sideways and around. But more on that another time.

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