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Self Defense Theory Alone May Not Help In The Real World

When Contest Concepts and Self Defense Theory Gives Way To Reality

I can tell you from experience than there is nothing more frightening than being in a high-stress situation and try to think "What on earth am I supposed to do now". It's in those times that you will be thankful if you have done training and practice that training. Such situations occur regularly in a contest but even more so in self-defence.

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It only makes sense really. Can you imagine being in the middle of a Judo or any other type of competition, that you had not done any training for? Absurd you say? But that is what we expect of the most vulnerable all the time. You have to practice the situation in order to be able to respond to them.

I Can Think Of Nothing More Stressful Than Battle

I remember reading real-life accounts of men in the heat of the D Day invasion, repeatedly saying that the only thing that got them through, whilst men were falling all around them, was their training.

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I teach my Judo students that the most effective fighters are those that don't think. The use there brains for strategy and let their body do what it was trained to do. Such players react so much faster because they trust their body to do what it was trained to do.

I was reminded of this when I was referred to this article called "Safety Through A ‘Skills Before Knowledge’ Approach". If we are going to teach our kids how to be safe it is no good just telling them, we can't just give then the Contest concepts or self-defence theory, we have to show them.

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