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Judo Ne Wasa (ground work) A 30 Minute Lesson

Judo Ne Wasa (groundwork) class in one video

This video a Judo Ne Wasa (ground work) A 30 Minute Lesson, goes for thirty minutes and I will tell you that I would not usually watch a Judo video for more than 15 minutes.

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Why? Because anything longer than that will usually bore my readers witless. It has to be something really special for me to persist beyond that point. This is really special.

It is an enormous shame that there is no description on YouTube. I can only hope that someone out in the Judo community recognizes this Sensai and is willing to pass it on. He clearly has a lot of experience and you would be wise to sit and watch the whole thing. It is broken up into a number of smaller lessons to make it easier.

For the less experienced Judoka

For the less experienced Judoka (Judo students) that may be watching this, there are a number of techniques that are illegal now and whilst I'm all in favour of keeping everything alive in judo, even the illegal stuff, you would need to be very careful when practising some of this illegal stuff. There is stuff here that will break a person neck without even trying hard so you should not do any arms around the neck stuff unless you are under experienced instruction.

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There is a little bit of standing work covered with quite some leg grabs. I'm a big fan of practising the leg grabs. It's all excellent for when the rule makers come to their senses and allow them back in: surrounded by enforced rules. More importantly, one or two of them could be easily modified so that you go nowhere near the leg with your hand. That would be a great surprise attack when fighting an unimaginative player.

The beauty of watching groundwork like this

The beauty of watching groundwork like this is that you remember stuff that you need to start teaching again and you can be sure that my Judoka is going to get a refresher that I hope they will remember. But I hope that the big take-home point that everybody will get is; "don't be limited to just using your hands or legs in judo Ne Wasa". There are plenty of uses for your opponent's JudoGi (Judo Suit).

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