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Judo Gymnastics - Flip Escapes

Gymnastics o Wasa

Of course I just made that up as a name because I have no idea what sort of practice you would call this. But I've posted before about how my son performed a similar act of gymnastics and won a contest out of it. Of course I have no video of my sons event as it was before I had a video camera. So I am very pleased to present this video of similar moves.

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With the rules on scoring becoming tighter and tighter (and about time form my point of view), I predict that these sort of moves are going to become more and more prevalent both in practice and full contest. In fact now that I think about it, whilst they were not as spectacular as these, if you watch a lot of the old video, many of the older Judoka used to do very similar escapes; particularly Mifuni.

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If you do decide to practice these "flips" (for want of a better word) don't just practice them as escapes. My son won a contest with these kind of moves and he didn't even practice it as such. Imagine what could be done if you practiced winning moves.

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