Funny Halloween: It Happened One Dark Night On A Ship!

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Heed The Experts On Tick Or Treating

I'm not a big fan of the event myself. I don't have any religious, practical or any other form of objection. I just don't see what relevance it has to us here in Australia. I do have a funny Halloween story however. Not in the USA but whilst I was travailing through Europe.

My One And Only Funny Halloween

Quite a good number of years ago my friend and I were on a ship traveling from Italy to Greece. Being on a backpacker budget we slept on the deck. It was of course the 31st of October (Halloween for those who don't know), and the American contingent were up the back celebrating.

Having traveled hard for the last few days, we were more interested in sleep than celebrating. So we unpacked our sleeping bags, found a dark corner and with the combination of the sweet sea air, very gentle rocking of the boat and extreme tiredness we were soon fast asleep.

I woke with a Start!
I could not breath.
Without a moments hesitations I reached into darkness.
What else could I do I was not breathing.
As my hand reach my face I realized I was breathing plastic instead of fresh air.
I grabbed the offending item off my face.
Finally able to breath again I was on full alert.
All I could see was blackness.
All I could feel was the movement of the ship.
Moments passed.
Moments more.
Still nothing...
Slowly I could feel things stating to return to normal. I could smell the sea air and I began to hear the Halloween revelers down the back of the ship. I felt what was in my hand and I realized it was some sort of plastic sheet.

All was Ok. It's nothing, just a stray object blowing around the deck.

As my breathing settled and I became more calm I found that the experience had only served to make me that much more tired than I was when I lay down. I was calm and sleepy so I just stuffed the stray item in my sleeping bag and went straight back to sleep.

It couldn't have been much later that I was again woken but this time by two young female voices saying "were is has to be here somewhere".

I realized at that point that I must have someones plastic sleeping blanket and so I pulled it out and waved it in there air.
"here it is" I said.

A moments silence and then ... Screeeeeam! came the response as they bolted off into the distance!

I sat stunned. Not just because of the ringing in my ears but also surprise that my little act of honesty was met with such a response.

Now wide awake, I looked around and saw my hand was extended from the dark into the light and my hand and arm was all that could be seen in the light. It dawned me that all the young ladies had seen on this dark Halloween night, in a strange land in an unfamiliar place, was a hand coming out of the darkness followed by a deep voice in a strange accent.

I so wish it had been deliberate. I would have loved to follow my statement with a ghoulish laugh! "Maw Haw Haw Haw", followed by "Tick or Treat!"

It could not have been funnier.

Funny Halloween here in Australia

All funny stories aside, ever since the emergence of Tick or Treat here, this one event has raised some concerns about the practice.

The idea of letting children roam around the streets, many unchaperoned looking for sweets, Should, be on the warning radar of every parent.

Given the growing popularity of Halloween here in Australia it seems appropriate then, that I should make some comment about Halloween and safety. But given that I know very little about his area I have turned to the undisputed experts on the the subject. At least in terms of practice that is. The USA. So here are some very relevant safety tips.

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