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Family Engagement: Advocating For Your Kids

Family Engagement No One Looks Forward To

One of the most difficult types of family engagement is to speak to members of the family about things they do that they think is fun but is, in fact, making your child or even you for that matter, uncomfortable.

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I know, I've had my children come to me about things that I know that they would rather not have to raise. Fortunately in all the cases so far, there has simply been a misunderstanding that was easily sorted. But I am proud of the fact that I have raised men who will not shirk away when something has to be done. Even to their Dad, who others will tell you can be pretty intimidating.

However, there are many other parents out there that do not have the advantage of knowing how to deal with people. I am a big advocate for learning how to talk with people. As a lifeguard, I have no fear when I have to approach someone who is doing the wrong thing. By far and away I have managed to dissuade people without alienating them.

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Don't get me wrong

Don't get me wrong, I have no conscience problem about anybody I have caused to go into a rage about me requiring them to do something. It is after all for their and everybody else's, own safety. But every time I have a failure like that, I am always looking to see if there are other ways that I could approach similar situations next time, in the hope that the outcome will be more congenial. I must say that I think I am getting better at it.

It was with this in mind that I appreciated this family engagement article about Advocating With Family Members for Your Kids. If you are like me, always on the lookout for this sort of thing or you are a person who has difficulty with these sort of confrontations have a read. It may help.

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