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Kata and the Wedding Dance

Kata and the Wedding Dance

I'm pretty sure that by now if you have read much of my blog, you will know how much I wax lyrical about Kata.

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Kata is from my point of view the glue that holds Judo together.

I know that I would get an argument from many a Judo competition player about that statement but I maintain that it is absolutely true. I am of the opinion that without Kata Judo would have gone the way of many (Not all) of the modern Jujitsu revivals. Not just into oblivion but trying to teach things that just don't work.

With Kata, we always have a reference, so that no matter what variations or developments we make or even what we commandeer from other Martial arts, we always can refer back to it an be sure the outcomes are what is needed or wanted.

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More than that Kata is beautiful. Done well it is like a wonderful wedding dance.

In fact in the video below you can see one couple that did just that. I dare you to say something against the thought that went into it. (by the way, that statement was rhetorical. You really can't be critical of someone's wedding dance.)

Anyway, I think it is beautiful and I hope you do too.

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