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Utsuri-goshi - Changing Hip Judo Throw

A Versatile If Difficult Counter Throw

Even though this throw is part of the Go Kyo (5 core lessons of Judo), most Judoka(judo students) only acknowledged it as a counter throw. Whereas by virtue of being in the Go Kyo it is a stand alone throw.

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Why is this important?

Because you don't always have to put yourself in front of your opponent to do a throw on them.

Most players never even consider the possibility of intentionally stepping behind someone to do a throw. Yet there is a very real sense in which Utsuri-goshi, the Changing Hip throw is, in a martial arts context, much more intelligent that most other Judo throws. After all, who on the battle field wants to turn their backs on their enemy?

This is not to diminish it's importance as a counter but only to promote the idea that there is more out of the box stuff in Judo than most players see.

This Throw Had Me Mystified For Years

This throw had me mystified for years because, the execution of it; on all but the smallest of players; seemed near impossible unless you had muscles on muscles. Whilst I could easily get most uke's(the persons being throw) off the ground, I could never figure out how you were supposed to throw them behind you to complete the execution.

Of course those who do this throw well would know that that's not how you do it. You do not throw your partner behind you. You put yourself in front of them.

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Once I figured this out I still struggled with the throw. I found it incredibly had to keep my uke suspended in the air long enough to step in front of them.

Yet again this is not how the throw is done. You do not have to keep Uke suspended in the air.

If you look closely at the video (below) you will see that Tori(the thrower), uses his hip to lift Uke as high into the air as possible. He then uses a combination of rolling his hip around and hugging Uke to his hip. There is hardly any stepping or at lest only a small one. The action of hugging is like that of lifting a long duffel bag up in the centre so that either end flops onto the hip.

In short it's all hip and hug.

For Practicing

The things worth practicing from this are:

  • From a standard starting stance (with you and your Uke standing looking at each other and taking your grip), immediately attack by deliberately stepping behind Uke and trying to execute Utsuri-goshi.

  • Either as a counter or a stand alone throw execute Utsuri-goshi by lifting Uke With You Hips and then rolling your hips to Ukes front and hugging to your hip then throw by twisting towards the ground.

Utsuri-goshi in slow motion Counter against Koshi-guruma

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