Ko Soto Gari - Judo Throw - A Version In Slow Motion

Not A Classic Version of Judo's Ko Soto Gari

This is not a classic version of Judo's Ko Soto Gari (minor outer reaping throw) but it is a good teaching version. Part of the reason for that is that it is in slow motion.

I had it explained to me once that, done properly this Judo throw is a much better throw for the street than De Ashi Bari(Hari) because if your opponent plants his foot you can still sweep it; were as in De Ashi... you can't. The reason for that is the lifting action in the Set up.

The lifting action causes (the person being thrown)Uke's weight to be thrown backwards, taking just enough weight off the support leg so that it can be swept easily but not so much that it is no longer the support leg.

If too much weight is taken off the support leg the foot is easy to sweep but it becomes easy for Uke to step over (the thrower)Tori's sweeping leg. Thus you are forced to put even more force into the lift and you end up with a hand throw. That is if you end up with at throw a all.

Leaving some weight on the support leg means it can be taken out suddenly, allowing your hand motion to be that much more effective.

I say this video version is not a classic version of the Judo throw Ko Soto Gari, because a classic version would have Troi stepping less behind Uke. But this way You get to see very clearly the action of the throw.

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