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Kid Safety Tips: 7 Strategies For You And Your Child

Kid Safety Tips: To Help Stay In Charge

The only way you can stay in charge and not stifle your children is to listen. 

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It is an unfortunate fact of life that you cannot afford to ever completely let go when it comes to your child's safety.

Teachers, pastors, youth leaders, children's workers and even friends to mention just some, will always respond to your child in a way that is more to your way of thinking if they know that you are a hands-on parent or carer.

I am not suggesting in any way that any of these people groups do not care about the children in their care. What I am saying is that it is my experience that if these people know that you are a hands-on parent, they will take that into consideration in their dealings with your children.

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Helicopter Parent

I am also not suggesting that you have to be a helicopter parent. Constantly fussing and letting everybody else know that you will interfere with whatever they are doing.

If your children know that you are a safe person to tell anything they want to and if everybody knows they are encouraged in this, the desired effect will be obtained.

That may mean that you spend a lot of time at the school or helping at the youth club but it may not. It may just mean that you, make sure, you spend time listening. Adults that listen to children get noticed. People will see you listening and you will tell them that you do so.

The following "7 Strategies for Keeping Your Child Safe" are excellent kid safety tips. But they only work if you make the effort to listen to your children and are willing to act on that information.

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