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How To Avoid Being Accused of Abuse? 7 Guidelines

7 Guidelines on How To Avoid Being Accused of Abuse

I don't care who you are, if you work kids in any way, you have to have in the back of your mind a concern about the possibility that, one day you may have to confront an accusation of abuse? And if you aren't you are either totally credulous or worse. Here are 7 guidelines on how to avoid being accused of abuse.

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I don't care how far above reproach you are, the implication alone, not to mention an accusation, no matter how misguided and false, is enough to ruin your life. You can't escape this because if you did, that would mean that children are left unprotected and good people willingly accept this risk because they can't abide the alternative of a child getting abused or someone getting away with child abuse.

So those of us who care about kids and believe we have something to offer them, need a set of guideline to make sure we are not caught in any hint of that which we abhor.

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Each sport should have their own set of these guidelines and good coaches will be well and truly familiar with these. The same should also be true of any organization that works with kids. If however, you don't find them satisfactory then How Can I Avoid Being Accused of Abuse? 7 Guidelines from Kidpower are excellent. You should read them!

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