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Okuri Ashi Barai (Harai) A Judo Throw For Competion

Okuri Ashi Barai(Harai) Done Right is A Competition Winner

Okuri Ashi Barai(Harai)is one of those throws that, at first glance would seem to look good in Kata but completely valueless in a competition; but you'd be wrong.

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But done right is a competition winner. At least as a junior, I would take great pleasure in winning with this throw.

Now I know that there is a huge difference between junior and senior competition and I will confess that I won way more contest with this throw as a junior than I did as a senior but I still managed to catch one or two. And that is the point. You have to get the right set of movements to happen if you want to pull this off but if you have trained for it and you opponent is just obliging enough to make that correct move... Bang! You have a winner.

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Of course, the setup for competition and Kata are quite different. In fact, the setup for the Kata version is wonderful for demonstration purposes and may have been and still may be in parts of the world, a very common movement but I cannot think of an instance today, in this part of the world, where anybody would sidestep in a straight line in any conflict on the street or the mat. And if it did then bonus! But this throw can rock, if you happen to find your partner going, or cause your partner to go, in a circular motion. A motion that is very common, if not wise in a judo contest.

Watch the video You'll see.

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