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Old Jujutsu striking in modern MMA

Reviving Ancient Strikes: Unveiling Old Jiu-Jitsu Techniques in Modern MMA

In the ever-evolving landscape of mixed martial arts (MMA), fighters are constantly exploring and integrating various martial arts disciplines to gain a competitive edge. While the spotlight often shines on the dynamic kicks of Muay Thai or the precise strikes of kickboxing, there is a resurgence of interest in the ancient striking techniques found in Old Jiu Jitsu.

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The essence of Old Jiu Jitsu's striking techniques, often overshadowed by its renowned grappling moves, is making a notable comeback. In a recent MMA bout, Trevor Peek showcased the effectiveness of these forgotten strikes, highlighting their relevance in the contemporary fighting arena.

The Resurgence of Forgotten Strikes in MMA

One such striking technique demonstrated by Peek is reminiscent of a downward strike resembling a hammer fist. Typically associated with "ground and pound," this technique took a surprising turn when executed in a standing position. Observers familiar with Jiu Jitsu Kata, specifically the Kodokan production of "Nage No Kata," might recognize this as a form of striking found in the "Tento." In the context of the kata, this strike is executed just before a shoulder throw, emphasizing its earnest intentions and forward momentum – a technique that Trevor Peek seamlessly integrated into his stand-up game.

The second striking technique Peek employed was a hammer fist directed towards the temple, a move that proved instrumental in concluding the fight. This particular strike has deep roots in Old Jiu-Jitsu, reflecting a historical approach where fights were often fought to the death, especially during the Edo period. The efficiency of these strikes lies in their purpose – to deliver a single devastating blow and swiftly end the encounter, a philosophy starkly different from the strategic and calculated approach often seen in modern MMA.

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Analyzing Old Jiu-Jitsu Strikes in Trevor Peek's Impressive Victory

The video analysis brings attention to the fact that these ancient strikes, though seemingly forgotten, remain potent and effective when executed with precision. The strikes are not only part of Jiu Jitsu's historical legacy but are also found in Judo Kata, highlighting their versatility across various traditional martial arts.

While contemporary MMA often focuses on cutting-edge techniques, the resurgence of these old Jiu-Jitsu strikes raises intriguing questions about the evolution of fighting styles. It is a testament to the adage that with the right frequency and resistance, any technique can find success in the competitive arena.

It's worth noting that Trevor Peek's successful integration of these old Jiu-Jitsu strikes echoes the sentiment that martial arts techniques persist not because they are outdated or ineffective but rather because fighters shift their focus to different aspects of training. The eclectic nature of MMA allows for the exploration and resurrection of forgotten techniques, adding depth and diversity to the sport.

The captivating display of ancient striking techniques by Trevor Peek serves as a reminder that the rich tapestry of martial arts holds treasures waiting to be rediscovered. As MMA continues to evolve, we may witness a renaissance of these old Jiu-Jitsu strikes, contributing to the ever-expanding repertoire of techniques employed by fighters worldwide.

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