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O GURUMA A Classic Throw That Continues to Work

Unveiling the Art of O Guruma: A Dynamic Judo Throw

With the Go kyo, O Guruma is a dynamic and powerful technique.

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O Guruma Overview:

O Guruma, translated as "large wheel" in Japanese, is classified as a forward sacrifice throw. This means that the judoka executing the throw sacrifices their own balance and position to off-balance and throw their opponent. O Guruma involves a sweeping motion that resembles the turning of a wheel, hence its name.

Execution Technique:

  1. Kuzushi (Off-Balancing)
  2. As with many judo throws, O Guruma begins with kuzushi, the art of breaking the opponent's balance. The judoka aims to destabilize the opponent by applying pressure in the direction opposite to where the throw will occur.

  3. Grip and Entry
  4. Proper grip is crucial in executing O Guruma. The judoka typically secures a grip on the opponent's upper body, usually the lapel and sleeve. Once the grip is established, the judoka steps in close to the opponent, maintaining a strong and controlled posture.

  5. Sweeping Motion
  6. A major mistake the people make, and it is the same one they make for Hiza Guruma, is that there is no sweep. It looks like there is because of the motion of the body but it is incidental to the throw. Tori places their leg across the front of the opponent's body and pulls, creating a wheel-like motion. The objective is to use the leg to take control of the opponent's centre of gravity.

  7. Rotation and Completion
  8. As the pulling around motion takes effect, as Tori rotates their body, turning the opponent over the raised leg. The throw is completed as the judoka directs the opponent to the ground with controlled force.

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Key Points of Emphasis:

  1. Timing
  2. O Guruma demands precise timing. The judoka must execute the throw at the opportune moment when the opponent's balance is compromised.

  3. Control
  4. Maintaining control throughout the throw is essential. The judoka must guide the opponent's descent to ensure a clean and effective execution.

  5. Commitment
  6. O Guruma requires commitment and confidence. The judoka must be willing to commit to the successful execution of the throw.

Applications in Competition:

O Guruma is a versatile throw with applications in both standing and ground situations. In a standing scenario, it can be used to counter an opponent's attack or as an initiative to seize control. On the ground, variations of O Guruma can be applied in the groundwork, showcasing the adaptability of this dynamic technique.

So that is the basics but there are several other key points that the video below deals with. Pay special attention to not just the visual and audio content but the additional on-screen text for a much better understanding of this throw.

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