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Emotional Coercion: recognising resisting it - Kidpower Shorts – Episode 9

Emotional Coercion: recognising resisting it

This video by Kid Power Shorts episode 9 (below) emphasises the importance of recognising emotional coercion and resisting it.

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What is Emotional Coercion?

Emotional coercion is when someone tries to manipulate your behaviour by using feelings, either thoughtlessly or deliberately. This can cause you to lower your boundaries and do what they want, even if it is not in your best interests or goes against your values.

Some examples of positive and negative triggers are provided that may be used to emotionally coerce you, such as fear, guilt, pride, admiration, and compassion.

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Several steps can be taken to manage your triggers caused by emotional coercion. These include recognising that you are being triggered, identifying the other person's behaviour that is causing emotional pressure, writing down what being manipulated looks and feels like to you, and practising delaying decisions until your feelings are under control. It also advises practising positive responses to negative reactions to your boundaries, such as setting a boundary bridge.

To be fair, people who use emotional coercion may have difficulty communicating their needs or recognising the feelings and needs of others. They may be experiencing real feelings of distress, confusion, or hurt in response to your actions and boundaries, and may not know how to manage their own feelings. Recognising these dynamics can help you stay calm and compassionate, rather than getting angry or saying hurtful things you might regret.


Emphasising that emotional coercion can cause significant safety challenges and encourages viewers to reach out for help from someone they trust if they find themselves in such situations.

There is more detail in the video below and it is well worth watching.

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