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Wellbeing: Organised Sports Unique Benefits - Balance is Better

The Unique Wellbeing Benefits of Organised Sport - Balance is Better

A recent study from New Zealand examined the effect of recreational physical activity and organized sport on the wellbeing of young people. Participants rated their wellbeing on a 10-point scale. Researchers found that those who were physically active were far more likely to report positive wellbeing than those who were inactive.

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Similar results were found among those who participated in organized sport. Longer duration of physical activity increased wellbeing. Participating in sports facilitates meaningful social connections and brings contact with coaches who positively influence the interpersonal and intrapersonal characteristics of young people. Sport also has important intrinsic motives, such as enjoyment and the meeting of challenges.

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Key Takeaways:

  • A recent New Zealand study compared physically active youths to inactive youths.
  • Physical activity and participation in organized sports are highly associated with reported better wellbeing.
  • Sports participation can facilitate social connection and community, and coaches can have a positive influence on youths.

"In this article, we take a deeper look into this research and consider some of the implications for Balance is Better readers."

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