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Judo Class Management & The Art of Negotiation

Judo Class Management and The Art of Negotiation (Bribery?)

Negotiate (Bribery works)

When my wife and I started having children of our own we read many books on child-rearing. Well if the truth be known my wife ended up reading most of them and underlining the important bits for me to read as I decided that too many were just complete … well let's just say they weren't worth my time.

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Lots of them would talk about how bribery was a very bad thing to do to kids and the alternative they offered was to negotiate. In all honesty, I can say that the distinction that most of the books set up was lost on me and I could never see the difference. There were others that made a clear distinction and after I spent my first few weeks trying to negotiate for a 2-year old I decided that “Bribery works!”

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The following are some examples from my free download How I am Managing Student Behavior In Class of my idea of negotiations (“Bribery”):

  • I give points or declare winners or some other reward to those who are the quickest getting into a group before a game or pairs for practice or any other combination I need

  • I have already talked about how I offer a game immediately after an activity in order to motivate

  • When it is hot, I reward good group work with water fights using those mist sprayers I talked about above

  • I hand out stickers for good behaviour. I usually put them on the student's own progress chart and use it to double as a record of their progress.

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