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What is Dynamic Stretching? The Pro's, Con's and Definitions

Dynamic Stretching. What is it? The Pro's, Con's and Definitions

Dynamic stretching is a way to improve your range of motion while moving and there are both pro and cons to the form.

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Dynamic stretching can actually be dangerous if you are using it with improper form or if you are going way too hard or fast. Some stretches that are dynamic include a twisting lunge. There has been a bunch of research done and there is no type of stretching that is better than another. The key is to stretch for a specific purpose or goal.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Dynamic stretching involves movement, but it can be dangerous if performed incorrectly.
  • Some forms of dynamic stretching are Active Isolated stretching and resistance stretching.
  • Dynamic stretching should be performed as part of a warm up routine, but it doesn't constitute the entire warm up.

"As all sport involves movement of some kind, a degree of dynamic flexibility is essential; even more so for sports that require rapid or explosive sprinting, jumping and throwing."

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