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Is Judo Good For Girls?

Judo Is For Girls Too

Most parents consider martial arts for their sons and by far and away I have fewer girls than boys in my classes. But that does not mean that Judo is a martial art or sport for boys only and I for one would love for more parents and the girls themselves to consider Judo.

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Judo has had women involved from almost the very beginning. And in the 19th century that was not exactly common. Professor Kano (The developer of Judo) himself introduced women to Judo.

It even had its own name: “Joshi Judo” (Women's Judo). Like every other thing for women, it faced its challenges but persistence won the day and now women's Judo ravels the men's in many ways. One of the most honoured women in our club was 93 when she passed. We loved her and miss her.

Many of my Judo instructors over the years have been women. There are also tremendous opportunities in Women’s Judo as well, locally, nationally and internationally.

I do have girls and instructors in my classes and they are an integral part of our club not to mention well-received and respected as Judoka (Judo Students). And I would like to see a lot more of them.

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There are many benefits in kids' Judo as well as adults. So when you are considering Judo, don't just consider it for your sons, consider it for your daughters and remember this: your daughter’s yellow belt and every other grading will be attained in the same way and time frame as your son’s.

The saying “Throws Like A Girl” is NOT a negative in Judo like it is elsewhere. In fact, being thrown by a girl in Judo can be a very sobering experience, whether you are a male or a female.

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