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Obi-tori-gaeshi, ko-uchi-makikomi, ushiro-kesa, uki & ura gatame

Kodokan added new techniques: Obi-tori-gaeshi & ko-uchi-makikomi

Kodokan has added new techniques to its list of official, named throws: Obi-tori-gaeshi (belt grab reversal, a te-waza, not a sutemi-waza) and ko-uchi-makikomi, but they have deleted daki-age unsurprisingly. New holding techniques named are the resurrected ushiro-kesa-gatame, uki-gatame and ura-gatame say, Balwyn Judo Club Inc.

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Obi-tori-gaeshi seems to be the name Kodokan has adopted for what Europeans call "kharberelli" after the player of that name.

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Groundwork - Ne-Wasa

New holding techniques named are the resurrected ushiro-kesa-gatame and uki-gatame (a variation of which is sometimes called eki-gatame in Europe after Keith Ekersley who used it) and, of course, ura-gatame (presumably the competition-recognised version, not the Mifune version).

On a personal note, uki-gatame could be a cautionary tale for some. You could find yourself unaware of the fact that you are in Osa-Komi.

Groundwork - Ne-Wasa

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