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Partner Judo Training Exercises, Fun, Used Cautiously

Partner Judo Training Exercises

Here is a Facebook video of some really fun partner Judo training exercises that you can use in your warm-up time in class. But although it should go without saying, they should be used with caution. However, if they are used cautiously they are a lot of fun.

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Some of these are straightforward and can be used with any age and size of Judoka. The first one, in particular, I have used in the junior class and the kids and the parents watching had a lot of fun. But others require that there is an appropriate skill level to be safely performed and still others require that the partners are evenly matched by size and skill.

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As long as you keep in mind the above caution these exercises will build muscle and skill levels in a way that is not only fun but great preparation for competition.

I particularly like the version of leapfrog. I have always had a problem with the value of leapfrog exercises. I could never see how they were supposed to help skill development for Judo. But the version in the video not only helps with cardio training but also helps to teach turnouts in a different and valuable way.

For some reason I am unable to embed this video but you should have no trouble using the link below:

Partner Judo Training Exercises

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