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Vale Professor Tostito Drogo

Vale Professor Tostito Drogo

I just wanted to write a little tribute to Professor Tostito Drogo. I only met him over a couple of days when he came to give instruction at a Kata seminar. But I was so touched by his gentleness that I felt compelled to write something.

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From the Facebook posting :

Vale Professor Toshiro Daigo Yesterday Professor Daigo, 10th Dan and one of the greats of judo, passed away. He was a great friend to Victorian Judo and will be missed. RIP. Toshirō Daigo (醍醐敏郎), (2 January 1926 – 10 October 2021 aged 95 ) was the Chief Instructor at the Kodokan and a manager of the Japanese national team. Before his death, he was one of only three living Kodokan 10th dan and one of only 15 to have attained this rank. He was All-Japan Judo Champion in 1951 and 1954, and the author of Kodokan Judo: Throwing Techniques, a definitive text on judo throws.

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