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Judo: Why is it so Hard to Learn?

Judo: Why is it so Hard to Learn?

Judo is a form of martial arts that is considered the most challenging form to execute and engage in - even for a martial arts master.

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Apparently among some Judo is considered the most challenging form of martial arts because the different forms of intricate grip fighting are hard to grasp, many moves and takedowns are intricate and require precise timing along with strength, the sport takes a toll on your bones and muscles (Judo fighters get continuously thrown down on the floor), it is a difficult sport for beginners to excel at, it is a sport that requires an immense and constant amount of fine-tuned cardio and speed, and finally all the small-tuned movements make Judo seem repetitive.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Fighting with a grip is an art where small details that make a huge difference.
  • Judo can feel counterintuitive to us because a penetration step is not easy for us humans to learn.
  • Judo is very tough on the body because being thrown to the floor hurts your bones and muscles.

"In short, although judo is a difficult skill to learn, it's also highly rewarding and looks beautiful when it's done correctly."

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