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Judo: Joshi-goshin-ho-kata

Judo: Joshi-goshin-ho-kata

The lead-up to the development of Judo Joshi Goshin Jutsu is more concisely explained in this document by Steven R. Cunningham (read only due to copywrite).

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Information about the "Judo Joshi Goshin Jutsu video" is below:

Judo joshi goshin jutsu is a women’s self defense Kata also known as Joshi Goshinho. It's creation was ordered by Nangō Jirō, Kano’s nephew and who took over the directorship of the Kodokan after Kanō Jigorō’s death in 1938. It was completed in 1943 by a team.

Nangō Jirō managed the Kodokan through the World War II years. in the lead-up, to the war, a lot of the old methods of goshin jutsu were hidden away and weren’t publicly taught anymore due to concerns that the Kodokan being taken over by the military for training soldiers for combat.

With the occupation forces at the end of WWII, the Kodokan couldn’t operate at all for a while. When it did it was under restrictions so the goshin waza were not taught. Ultimately the ban was lifted and Joshi Goshinho was again taught in the open.

Jiro Nango wanted the Joshi Goshinho because he thought there was a need to preserve the self-defence techniques for the women in the Women’s Division.”

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  • Tai-no-ido (body movement)
  • Tsugi-ashi (following foot)
  • Migi-sabaki, Hidari-sabaki (right and left movement)
  • Migi-mae-sabaki, Hidari-mae-sabaki (right and left forward movement)
  • Migi-harai, Hidari-harai (right and left sweep)
  • Migi-maware, Hidari-maware (right and left turn about)
  • Mae-shizume, Migi-shizume, Hidari-shizume (front, right and left sinking down)
  • Hiza-ate (knee strike)


  • Kata-te-tekubi-dori (single hand wrist hold)
  • Ryo-te-kata-te-dori (double hand wrist hold)
  • Shishi-gyaku-dori (reverse four finger hold)
  • Ude-kakae-dori (arm wrap hold)
  • Ushiro-dori (rear hold)


  • Ude-gyaku-dori (reverse arm hold)
  • Ushiro-eri-dori (rear collar hold)
  • Ushiro-kubi-himo-jime (rear neck rope choke)
  • Ushiro-dori (rear hold)
  • Kyohaku-dori (frontal hold)


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