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Certificate in Stretching & Flexibility

Certificate in Stretching and Flexibility

More and more people are looking for coaches that will direct them in their stretching routine and flexibility exercises. That presents a great opportunity for personal coaches who are interested to pursue this niche in the industry.

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Stand Tall: Respect and Affect
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Not only can you pursue the credits as part of the requirements for continuous education, but you can also get certified in this area, which can give you advantage over those coaches who are not certified. The exam has 60 questions, and 80% presents a pass rate.

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Key Takeaways:

  • The entirely online course helps students understand the physiology of stretching, flexibility and mobility.
  • The workbook and video materials cover the anatomy of 135 stretching exercises.
  • Modules include Physiology of Flexibility, Principles of Stretching, and How to Perform Assisted Stretching Exercises.

"After successfully completing the course material and a final exam you will be issued an official Certificate of Completion (available immediately via download and email)."

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