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How to Increase Your Flexibility and Range of Motion

How to Increase Your Flexibility and Range of Motion

The older you get the harder it is to be mobile, especially if you are over weight. Many injuries will put a big stop to your flexibility in that area. So how to increase your flexibility and range of motion

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Once you figure out what and where the decreased mobility is coming from you can use specific exercises and techniques to help you get your mobility back. If you are still having trouble getting it back, there are also professionals you can go see to help get your mobility back.

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Key Takeaways:

  • If you get injured, you are most likely going to have limited range and motion in the injured area.
  • Prepare by doing gentle exercises for mobility, then work it out by stretching.
  • There are different types and variety of stretching. Use the one that is right for your injury.

"Any time you have an injury of any kind (even one you don't realize you've got), your body recognizes that as a weak link in the chain and will tighten the surrounding muscles. This is your body's protective defense mechanism to prevent further damage to the injured tissues and their surrounding structures."

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