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Awareness: Kidpower Shorts - Episode 1

Awareness: Kidpower Shorts - Episode 1

Welcome to ked power shorts. Today we're going to be talking about one of our most fundamental safety skills: Awareness. Being aware can help you detect unsafe situations so you can move away and get help. Also, people will bother you less and listen to you more if you are aware calm and confident.

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Let's see an example, am I walking with awareness, calm and confidence (see video)?

No, I'm not. My hood is up, I'm looking down, my hands are in my pockets and I'm taking very short nervous steps. I can't see very much. If I'm having a safety problem I'm unlikely to see it walking around the world like this.

What about now (see Video)?

My hood is down I'm looking up, my hands are outside of my pockets and I'm walking naturally. I am aware, calm and confident.

Practising a skill can help both your body and your mind remember it and it will make it easier to use that skill if you're having a safety problem.

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Let's practice being aware with our bodies.

To practice your awareness first pretend like you're cold close your body look down and notice you can't see much.

Now uncross your arms open your body relax and look around. You're much more aware like this. If you have a mirror you can use it to practice being aware of what is behind you.

A big part of being aware is using our technology appropriately. I love my technology. It can be really fun and useful.

For example, I'm using it to make this video right now. However, we should know that using our phones and other technology out in the world can make us less aware.

Do I look like I'm really aware right now (see video)?

No, no I don't. To be more aware I can put my technology away I can take my earbuds out, put my phone in my pocket and look around. I can see a lot more now and I'm much more aware.

Let's practice being aware with our eyes

Being aware with our eyes means noticing the things that are around us and seeing whether or not a situation might not be safe. You can practice being aware with your eyes in your home.

For example, is there anything around you that might not be safe for a small child? What about for an animal? I use my awareness to notice that my tea is really close to the edge of the table and might fall and I take action to prevent it from breaking.

Let's practice being aware with her ears

Being aware with our ears means being aware of the things people say and the words that they use. Now sometimes, of course, these can be things that people speak but being aware with our ears can also mean being aware of the things people write.

For example, in an email, in a text or in a chat room or online game we use our awareness to notice that we're having a safety problem. But once we're aware that something's unsafe one of the best things to do is to move away. Now you can move away in the real world but you can also move away online.

Let's see what that looks like (see Video). I don't think this is safe. I'm gonna leave.

Today we talked about awareness

Remember we can be aware with our bodies, we can be aware with our eyes and we can be aware with our ears. Remember practising is really important.

I hope that today during this video you learn something about how to practice your safety skills.

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